How does purchasing a domain work?

Purchasing domains through Internet Partners is both fast & easy.  Simply add the domain you'd like to purchase to your cart and checkout.  We use Stripe to process credit card transactions and you can use most major credit cards.

If you're paying with Bitcoin, you'll then be given a QR code and address to send your Bitcoin payment to.  Upon blockchain confirmation, you'll immediately be emailed with the EPP code, so that you can initiate a transfer to your preferred registrar.  

How do you come up with the prices?

Pricing is determined through multiple factors.  One of the biggest, is comparable sales.  Like homes, domain names are real estate - but instead of physical property, they are virtual.  Also like real estate, final sales prices are recorded with dates of sale and venues.  

There is also the content of the domain, itself.  A generic domain, which can possibly have multiple use cases, is going to be priced higher than one specific to a particular meaning or industry.  In most cases, short domains are best because they are typically easy to remember and spell.

Emotional attachment may also play a role.  A domain registered and held onto for a period of time, even though it may not have a particularly large buying audience, may be priced higher simply because there is no need to sell it.  A price may be a reflection of the need for capital. 

Are prices negotiable?

There is a Make Offer option on each domain listed here where buyers are welcome to submit their offers.  However,  don't let it fool you into thinking you can automatically get a discount.  Just because negotiations are welcome doesn't imply one will get automatically end up with a discount.  Some domains listed have absolutely ZERO negotiating room, whereas some may have a significant amount.

Any tips for buyers?

  • "Give me this domain!"
  • "I used to own this domain and want it back!"
  • "I'm going to use this domain for a charity."
  • "I'm going to use this domain for my billion-dollar startup."
  • "I'm a poor student."
  • "ABC value estimator says this domain is only worth x!"

These are common losing techniques.   You will never win with a hostile or entitled attitude.  

If you are lucky and have an offer accepted, you should pay...IMMEDIATELY.  Non-paying time-wasters will quickly find the price increases exponentially.

If you're unable to pay with our payment methods (credit card or Bitcoin) and you're asking to be accommodated to use a 3rd-party platform, expect (and offer) to pay extra.

In summary, be courteous, honest and prepared.  Don't bother with submitting a story, don't use a fake identity (if you're a ghost, you won't be taken seriously), make sure your funds are ready to be sent and act like a decent human.

Do you offer leasing options?

Yes.  You can lease any of our domains priced $5000 or more for 10% down and 2% per month.  (Example: $5000 domain, $500 down + $100 = $600 first payment and $100/mo due within 30 days).  We'll manage the domain and the nameservers for you, but the domain may not be used for adult, gambling, financial or any other industries which may hurt the future value of the domain.  Please contact us for more details.

Do you offer financing options?

Yes. We'll finance any of our domains priced $5000 or more, without any finance charges, over 12 months.  The domain remains in our possession until paid in full.  We'll manage the domain and the nameservers for you, but the domain may not be used for adult, gambling, financial or any other industries which may hurt the future value of the domain. Please contact us for more details.

HELP - I've navigated away from my payment page!

No problem.  We'll email you once the transaction has a confirmation on the blockchain.  You can track your order here: https://internet.partners/order-status